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Rapid digitization has changed the way your customers shop today. The booming retail industry got hit by the massive competition from the online ecommerce boom early in this decade. However, it was the ‘experience’ factor that paved the way for retail players to embrace Omnichannel shopping as the most consumer-friendly way to do business.

Want to know how consumers hold the strings to the entire gamut of experience shopping that has changed the face of the consumer retail market?

Consumers stand in stores and use their smartphones to Compare Products

Consumers prefer to check reviews online before making a purchase.

It’s incredible how Ahmedabad has transformed to be a megacity of India. There was a time when Ahmedabad (or locally called — Amdavad) used to fall under the category of laid back cities. But today things have changed. It is no less than the Tier1 cities and at par with their cosmopolitan culture. This holds true even when it comes to the shopping experience in “Aapnu Amdavad”.

What makes the shopping experience a delight is the Gujarati business values, the never-say-die entrepreneurial spirit, and the superlative customer experience you get in the retail stores of Ahmedabad.

You name it and…


Building a Digital Ecosystem that Promotes Local Shopping Experience. https://www.feelkaro.com/

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